Worldkast Technologies is a leader in the most advanced Internet communications technology. With more than 15 years of uninterrupted growth, WORLDKAST works with integrated live and on-demand streaming solutions, including event broadcasts, distance education, broadcasting of radio and television signals, digital channels, Pay Per View and many other projects developed to The measure of the interests and needs of our clients.


WORLDKAST offers them products and services of Internet transmission, totally customized.


Stream audio and video over the Internet
Create TV and / or radio channels over the Internet
Include your TV and / or radio channels, using our Digital Solutions within private or public networks like ROKU and others, to take your channel on a large scale.

Defining the scope of the project, which identifies the equipment and other requirements to achieve it

Just radio, video only or together simultaneously
Broadcast live at specific times for events and days as desired.
Maintain a 24/7 signal on your web with a rotating material
Create 24/7 video programming, using recorded footage and integrating live events
System On Demand. Visitors to the page can choose events and content.
Install a Pay Per View system, so that those who want to see the events live or on Demand, pay an amount. This system can be turned on and off at any time.

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